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Wild Women Journey - AWAKEN

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THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE at any TIME of your choosing Part one on a journey to rediscovering and reconnecting to the Wild Woman inherent to us all. To live more fearlessly, more in alignment, with more vitality. The first step is to AWAKEN. After a live (online) Opening Ceremony, each week for the following month you will receive integrative practices you can return to time & again including: • Meditations & Journeys • Breathwork • Rituals • Tantra • Shamanic Womb Medicine • Yoga • Guided Movement • Dance • Exclusive DJ Mixes • Relaxation Techniques • Self-Care Practices • Journal Prompts 24 month access to all content. Live ceremony when you join us from the course release date. PLEASE NOTE that all content given is for PERSONAL USE only and not to be used in public for your own promotion and business. Element one of a four part course leading to your transformation: AWAKEN - available now online IGNITE - available now online RELEASE & REST “You have all what you need within, you were born wild; you are life, you are pleasure, you are enough"





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