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Calling all Wild Women!

Are you looking for joy, excitement, pampering, connection and total
relaxation for yourself?

Are you craving a break from the role as the grandmother, the mother, the
daughter, wife or partner?

"Thankyou Joanna and Lisa, I was comforted by Joannas introduction and found such familiarity in her words, I've never felt more welcomed and part of something. Lisas kundalini excercises made me feel empowered and strong. What a buzz dancing and a smooth transition from breathwork to letting loose to some banging tunes. I feel I am at the start of my awakening and spiritual journey; to find a group of women all hungry for the same thing is so refreshing"

Marble Floor


Our wild women luxury retreat will remove your layers of held beliefs and show you who you truly are and that you are the wild woman within!

You will be coming home to your true inner wildness! Wildness of feeling
alive, feeling vibrant, feeling pleasure, feeling relaxed, feeling bliss, feeling pure joy from you heart, that you have never felt before or have forgotten.


The retreat will raise you from the earth, grounding you in deep
ritualistic feminine practices, bringing the energy right through to the essence of you. You will ignite your foundation, womb, heart and vitality.



Do you want to change the story that has carved and constrained you into thinking you are someone who you are not?

Do you want to know what it feels like when we spark out sensual wild woman energy?

Do you want know what it feels like when we are more in flow, feel more alive, feel more connected to the true essence of who we are as a woman?

Be Free, Be true, Be connected.

Marble Floor


  • You will connect with the medicine of nature in beautiful sacred



  • You will submerse in ancient rituals as women together, remembering who we are and where we came from.


  • You will meditate to reawaken the wild woman within, igniting your senses and inner fire.


  • You will receive a nourishing sound healing, and be taken on a journey of audio- sensory deep relaxation.


  • You will dance your heart out, laugh and let loose to find a sense of lliberation, pleasure and remembered bliss.


  • You will feed your body & soul with colourful gourmet healing food.


  • You will be held, supported, nurtured and loved so that you can truly express the wild woman within.


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