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“The WILD WOMAN has a natural love for mother earth. A hunger for ancient wisdom connected with her instincts. She has an unbreakable devotion to walk the path of her inner guidance, her truest soul compass. She is a daughter of the moon and belongs to no one but her own pure heart”


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Joanna and Lisa met as soul sisters on a similar quest to understand what it mean’s to be WILD WOMAN! There were lots of late nights, deep conversations and inevitable dancing – a friendship formed as they delved into discovering together what it meant to transition into their wise, post mother years – into their years of reclaiming their truth, their power and their sensuality.

Questions they started to ask - what feels good? what’s missing? how does it feel to be fully embodied? How can we age gracefully and vibrantly?

What was discovered was a wealth of knowledge of what makes them tick, what turns them on to life and how they individually navigate their days, in order to feel fulfilled, alive, sexy and sensual. They gained a deeper understanding that this was missing for many women.


So many women that felt a disconnection from themselves, their bodies, their power, their sensual sovereignty – leaving them feeling anxious and self critical. There was a whole collective of women striving to navigate to feel ‘sensual & sexy’ in all their wildness.



Through these transition years there is an incredible pull to understand that we are enough, we are never TOO MUCH, that sisterhood is important and that as women we still have a burning desire to be present and happy with ourselves and our bodies. They soon discovered that they could create something unique for all women, who had a burning need to feel embodied, who craved more sensuality, who were willing to learn, who wanted to reclaim their sexuality and to start to have a deeper understanding and an acceptance of self.

With Lisa’s wealth of yogic knowledge, tantric and shamanic training and all round goddess intelligence and incredible ECSTATIC dance DJ and Joanna’s wise motherhood skills, healing hands, breathwork , womb healing training and sound healing skills – they felt they could offer something different.

Their unique blend together offers a safe, warm, inviting and exciting space for ALL women.

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Jo & Lisa are a powerhouse of femininity. When in their company you feel enveloped in love & security. You feel empowered & alive.
A beautiful place to be.


Thinking about it, my whole life had led me to this point.

From my experiences with the club culture in the 90’s, to my love affair with yoga from being age 21, to travelling the world, having a stressful career, losing my mother, becoming a mother, learning lots of healing modalities and now being hit around my butt my peri-menopause. It all holds value.


All the mess, the highs and lows, the laughter and the grief – all this has led me to search for the wild woman within.

By traditional trade I have laid my roots in the fashion business as a buyer and a stylist, exploring the world and a lover of photography, style and quality. I would like to honour all my incredible teachers that have carved my path along the way.

All these trainings and modalities have melded into my own unique style of intuitive healing, which is forever evolving, growing and expanding the more I delve into this work. This work is all through a wish to help women return back to their body, for women to find space, power and seek the support they need through different periods of their life.

I am also huge lover of yoga and dance and all forms of


So here I am, standing in my mid forties power, wanting to help myself to be more, feel more and love life more.

I am here to be in full service, together, collectively, to raise the vibration of all wild women.

Schools of teaching 

  • CCB breathwork practitioner

  • Shamamic womb massage, tuning forks & journeying

  • Shamanic 9 Rites & 13th Rite Womb Blessing

  • 9 moon womb awakening apprentice 

  • Thai Yoga Massage, Swedish & Aromatherapy

  • Sound therapy training



My story leading me to this point began over 25 years ago.

A lover of expression - of body and mind - dancing for pleasure and exploring the body's capability to bring freedom and joy combined with an ever curious interest of the human condition; around the 90's I embarked upon a deep-rooted relationship with yoga and meditation.

One that's taken me on both inner and outer journeys of discovery.

Learning from teachers around the globe, my passion and captivation kept on growing pulling me in deeper.

Many years later, an illness left me fighting for my life in a coma. During the following months of rehabilitation, I gently returned to my practices which gifted me a strength to anchor to as I felt lost and scared; life as I once knew it was never the same.

My decision to train as a yoga teacher in 2014 was born out of the moments of hopelessness and angst that were transformed into optimism and peace by the ancient teachings that are so prevalent to this day.

I was initially drawn to the creativity and flow of Vinyasa Yoga and travelled to India over 2 years to complete 500 hours of advanced teacher trainings. The following year I enrolled on a course in London to teach Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.


Yet still I felt a calling to delve deeper.

I discovered Tantra while visiting South India and began to study this beautiful tradition that seemed somehow to reawaken what I already knew.

My first immersion was at a traditional ashram in Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas, studying Kaula Tantra.

A year after, I found myself on the oldest volcano in Ecuador studying Shamanism and Tantric Yoga, submerging in cosmology, plant medicines, ceremonies and sweat lodges.

Once again, life as I once knew it was never the same.


Amidst all, music has played a huge part; from under-age, under-ground raving in Manchester, dancing for days in Ibiza to ecstatic dances in Bali, I genuinely don't think anything else has the power to shift mood and energy as quickly and intensely as letting music move through you.  

In 2020, I trained with Wakamaia Bali as an ecstatic dance DJ and facilitator.


What I share within The Wild Women, is a merger of my experiences and trainings in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, psychology, astrology, mythology, sensuality, music and dance.

I believe that every experience we have is sacred, the joy and the suffering, the pleasure and the pain. There's beauty and expansion to all that life presents. 

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