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Ignite festival Dance House Leeds


We excitedly bring to you  a workshop to IGNITE your expression through feelings, movement and being in the circle of women.

I had such a beautiful time with everyone on Sunday. I still feel the energy in my body. It was a safe, fun, liberating, energising (and this is the word which i really struggle with, but I am going to say it) sexy!
I felt it, finally!! It was such a beautiful intimate group, thank you to you, Lisa and Kelly for making it so special!

Ignite festival Dance house Leeds

ignite, express - set your wild free

Welcome to this juicy, sensual and igniting workshop for all you Wild Women


taking place in a super sexy pole dancing venue! 


There are many aspects to the WILD WOMAN - we are all the things - soft, hot, fiery, sensual, sexual and more. 

We are juicy and multi-layered and If we allow it we are serpent like creatures, weaving and dancing towards our fullest expression.  When we are free to be all that we are, we can create, live and birth all that we want to be and more - feeling the fullest expression of oursleves.


The Wild Women workshop is here to UNLOCK, unleash and SET FREE -  your juicy expressive power


Lisa & Joanna will guide you through a series of practices and rituals to ignite your expressive power. 


We will invite the sexy, sensual, erotic side of who you are, through sensual dance, pole. There is a side of you that is full of passion and lust. The side that is hidden due to societal judgements and being told we should be a 'good girl'.  


We hide these parts of ourselves that then become dampened, but these hidden parts can be the parts of us that allow for us to live our fullest wild women selves.  When we are open to ignite, trust and surrender into our wild without judgement, shame or self awareness - we allow ourselves to be free to explore, express and move within our powerful creative expression, unlocking a side of us that can release a surge of  energy like no other. We feel orgasmic, connected to life, to the present, to the true essence of our wild feminine nature. 


**Joanna will connect you deeply to your womb wisdom and fire up your wild woman energy through tantric breath 


** Lisa will take you on a sensual movement journey using the POLE and then into a LIVE ecstatic dance that will un-ravel and un-leash your true sensual, juicy wildness. we HAVE enough poles to cater each wild woman or to do a dual dance. 


This beautiful & sensual workshop will be held in a sacred and safe space within the privacy of the incredible pole dancing venue 'Bodybarre'  in central Manchester - we have chosen this venue so that you can step into another world, one where you can be all that you want to express.  By stepping into to "another world" you will feel the hidden aspect of you able to come through !


You get to experience A FULL body explosion of what it feels like to be a WILD EROTIC WOMAN - for yourself, for no-one else but you!! 


The journey of the day 


*womb meditation

* sensual movement through POLE

* tantric breathwork

* wild woman dance 


Once we arrive out of the  dance, we will start to feel into what the wild woman is with no judgements, only the safety of sisterhood to wrap each and every woman up in a cocoon of love. We are all here to express our true selves and with that comes a sense of liberation and freedom, acceptance and honouring of the sacred wild woman within each of us.





* no nudity required unless you feel called

* you can dress up whilst in the room - bring some sexy underwear if you feel so called. 



You will feel free, wild and sexual.

You will feel alive.

You will feel empowered.


This is a NON refundable ticket. We cannot transfer or refund any ticket purchased. 



Love Lisa, Joanna 

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