Tropical Leaves

We are all wild women.

We don’t have to go out into the wild and strip off all our clothes to discover our inner wildness, she is there, maybe she’s a little quiet or tired at times.

But imagine when you felt the most at home, the most alive, the most connected to your body and heart – that’s the wild! 

And don’t worry if that is not something you have felt or remember, we are here to support you and guide your wild women journey.   

The wild women collective is a healing journey, a journey to reclaim your vitality, your emotional ease, your creative power, your connection to the flow of life, because it is a flow, it’s a river, where you stay in flow, dodge the rocks or roll with the pebbles – that’s the flow of life and we, as women are right in the centre of it, so instead of trying to hold on, just see what its like to lie back with your belly up and see where the river takes you!

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