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Wild Women Retreat Portugal

wild women RETREAT

14th july - 19th july

Marble Floor
Wild Women Retreat Portugal

wild women - erotic innocence

Are you drawn to feeling free & wild in nature? 
Are you simply wanting some time to connect with yourself or are you seeking answers to questions that are arising as a woman? 

The Wild Women are excited to  wildly offer a 6 day joyful, transformational and playful submersion retreat or ‘me time’ away, with a group of like-minded women in the most beautiful wild surroundings of Portugal 

Submerse yourself in 6 days of yoga, wild swimming (the retreat site has its very own private river and waterfall) dancing, incredible food, outdoor living, tantric practices, womb wisdom rituals and sisterhood. 

Each day is different, offering you the chance to spiral into your bountiful feminine essence. We will offer ways to open and understand your wild erotic wisdom through workshops and ceremonies, but equally your will have spacious time to relax, ‘switch off’ and come back to your wise woman intuitive nature.

You will have a day off during the retreat to spend the time walking the hills in the surrounding area as well as enjoying a glass of Portugese wine. 

Start each day with kundalini breathwork and wild swimming followed by yoga, dance, movement, breathwork, temple ritual, womb wisdom practices and tantric philosophy. We offer so much variety for you to submerse in and open up to. Followed by dancing under the stars & alfresco dinning. 

The sacred Portugese land has been cultivated on lay-lines, where the energy touches your soul and will allow the wild within to be revealed gently. You will get a chance to understand the pera-culture and history of the land as the owners are committed to re-storing the eco-system and natural agriculture.

The accommodation are shared decked geo-dome which has eye-opening views. Watch the clear skies & shooting stars. Wake up to the most beautiful scenery. 

The food is a colour-ful and mouth-watering vegetarian menu,  using homegrown and locally sourced organic ingredients.

This retreat is suitable for all women, of all ages

Marble Floor
Wild Women Retreat Portugal


  • TANTRIC practices & philosophy 

  • DANCE every day - LIVE DJ 














Wild Women Retreat Portugal

is this retreat for me?

Do you feel called to change the way you live your life?

Do you feel called to change the relationship you have with your body ?

Do you desire sisterhood and the freedom and connection that brings?

Do you feel lack lustre and know that there is more?

Do you want to understand  who the 'wild woman' is within you?

Do you need time and space - just for you? 

Do you love nature and crave to connect more? 

"More than a retreat, this is an invitation to listen to the call of the wild woman & step into the power of your divine feminine energy & transmit her love"

Marble Floor



with the medicine of earth & water in beautiful sacred Portugese surroundings of Leiria.



the wild woman within in the surrounding forests and water through blessings and rituals.



in ancient workshops of womb rituals and tantric practices as women together, remembering who we are and where we came from.



into deep ceremony, meditations and journeys to reawaken the wild woman within, igniting your senses and inner fire.



Free your body in movement and dance to live DJ led music, especially curated for you to connect to your wild woman. Dancing is medicine. When you dance you connect to a part of you that nothing else can reach. Dance frees the mind, body and spirit.  


Life -force energy known as shakti can lay dormant if we dont wake her and allow her to move and feed our whole body.  Breathwork techniques and kundalini allows for stagnant energy to be shifted, cultivating new ways of igniting and firing our shakti energy. Both can create a sense of liberation, pleasure and remembered bliss.​ The wild resides in the playful nature of the feminine.



Connecting with ancient practices and wisdom brings our wild bodies back to an innate knowing that we have 'done this before'. It enables us to tap into a part of the wild woman spirit that logic cannot explain. Through ritual & practices known as the feminine arts we begin to understand  and honour our bodies with the highest of respect and intention, beginning to receive messages. Ledaing us to a deeper understanding.  We will introduce ritual & practices from ancient womb temples, doaist practices and tantra - we will explore through touch, yoni steam, shamanic journey, breast massage, womb rites and much more. 


Submerse yourself in nature, in the wilds of the Portugese landscape. You will co-create, craft and create together with nature, creating in harmony within your body. Through crafing, intention setting, water blessing and wild swimming you will become nature. 


Every morning you will step foot into the Wild Woman temple. A place where everything is welcome. A space where you can step into a remembering of who you are or want to become. We hold morning rituals, singing and conscreations through devotional mantra, incanting our wild woman vow. A deep remembering will arise. Come and be in the temple of yourself and the space you will be working in. You will connect with your voice, to access it is an amazing resource!


Sisterhood is magical. Through the bonding of sisterhood you will feel it settle into your being, so that you can expand into expression.  We will create a frequency of energy together that will be unique to the sisters that feel called to come onto this retreat. This bond will stay beyond the retreat and you will be become lifelong friends. 

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Wild Women Retreat Portugal
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All meals included.
Using homegrown and locally sourced organic ingredients to create inventive and nutritious vegetarian cuisine.

Wild Women tipi.jpeg


5 nights accommodation included  in a shared tipi.

Each decked tipi has lovely views and is set on an individual terrace.

Wild Women 162.jpeg


Gravito is a healing retreat centre located in a valley within the wild forests of Portugal. This sacred site has a river & small waterfall for private wild swimming & water rituals. Gravito have a commitment to the ecology of the surrounding land. They are invested to re-storing the eco-system with the principle of syntropic agriculture. 

Wild Women 10.jpeg

Program Example

Sunday          arrival & opening ceremony

Monday         opening rituals to the wild

Tuesday         tantra, womb, surrender 

Wednesday   water blessing & nature 

Thursday       yoga, breath, expansion 

Friday             closing ceremony & depart

garden Wild Women Retreat Portugal


Personal time to relax, recharge and rest.

Optional nature walks and visits to the local river beach.

Guided relaxation with yoga nidra, sound healing and relaxation techniques.

Wild Women Retreat Portugal


One-off payment: £999

secure your place with a £199 deposit and then pay the rest in installments 


Camille, Belgium

"The wild women retreat has been everything my heart and wild soul were aching for.

Stepping into the wild feminine, both fierce and sensual. Through the safe and empowering space Joanna and Lisa created I gained clarity about my life mission but also made peace with my body and looks, owning my feminity and sexuality. The understanding that taking care of your sexual energy, of your lifeforce energy goes way further than engaging in sex. Pleasure, freedom, lightness, rawness, connection, confidence, playfulness, kindness and liberation. I cannot express how grateful I am for these two beautiful teachers aka goddesses who awakened the goddess in me. Their teachings pushed us outside of our confort zone but opened so many doors. Living life as a sacred ceremony. Forever connected to this inspiring bound of women, of all ages. I could only highly recommend embarking on your journey with Joanna and Lisa. Can’t wait to pursue mine."


Jude, UK

"As soon as I stepped onto the once abandoned land of Gravito I knew I had arrived somewhere very special.  I was not to be disappointed! I signed up to the retreat with little expectation other than a desire to be with a group of women all wanting to re claim their wild and free integrated selves. Wow, what a journey we took. A journey of shared love, joy and sorrow, held together by much laughter, deep listening and mutual trust. I experienced a journey of deep healing as  years of buried shame and fear came to the surface where I was able to speak of it openly and honestly in order to throw off the last vestiges of bondage to my wild free nature which is our natural birthright. Lisa and Joanna did so much more than hold and the space and facilitate for transformation,  they held the space with such presence the group began to co create and empower itself to the point where only the “now” mattered.

Am incredible journey with incredible women"


Victoria, Uk 

“I just wanted to share some of my experience since I returned home. I wondered how much of what I had learnt on retreat would spill over into my every day - and it turns out it very much has!. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for helping me to feel empowered by my sexuality rather than disarmed and ashamed. It’s been a huge shift in the way I view my relationship with myself, and I’m excited for what is to unfold with this newfound since of freedom ✨😍”

Your Facilitators


Joanna is a ceremonialist, trained practitioner & medicine woman in intuitive healing.


Joanna has  trained in Thai Yoga, Sacred oils, Shamanic womb massage, Yoni steaming, Sound & Energy Healing.


Joanna is also a certified CCB Breathwork facilitator. 


Joanna has studied with tantric & taoist teachers, healers & psychics & continues to study the Feminine Arts. 

CY8B3854 1.jpeg


Lisa is a ceremonialist, 1000RYT yoga teacher, trained in vinyasa, yin, kundalini and traditional tantra.


Tantra is Lisa's path & passion; which she first discovered in India, followed by training as a tantra teacher across India & South America.


Lisa also studied shamanism, cosmology & plant medicine in Ecuador.


As an ecstatic dance DJ & facilitator, she brings live beats to every event.


Lisa is also a meditation & mindfulness coach & relaxation therapist, specialising in blending tantric practices with relaxation techniques. 

Marble Floor


ARRIVAL: Sunday 14th July

DEPARTURE: Friday 19th July 


• All accommodation, food, workshops & practices.

• Single bed in shared tipi

£999pp as a one off payment


by installments 

secure your place with £199 deposit and ease the payments

with a 4 part payment plan of £200 each payment. With the last payment arriving by 1st June. 

All payments are non-refundable & non-transferable. 


• Flights

• Transport to/from the airport.

A group transfer bus will be arranged to pick guests up from LISBON airport on the 14th July at 3PM.

Guests must arrive into LISBON airport NO LATER than 2PM to use this service.

Transfers are approximately £30 each way.

• Travel insurance

FLIGHT INFORMATION (these are subject to change) 

Flights available every day from Manchester 

OUTBOUND: 14th July MAN - LIS 06:05 - 09:00 Ryan Air 
INBOUND: 19th July LIS - MAN 12:20 - 15:05 Ryan Air

OUTBOUND: 14th July MAN - LIS 08:05 - 11:00 Easy Jet 

INBOUND: 19th July LIS - MAN 18:40 - 21:30 Easy Jet 

OUTBOUND: 14th July MAN - LIS 10:55 - 13:45 Tap Air

INBOUND: 19th July LIS - MAN 17:55 - 20:45 Tap Air 

Flights available every day from London


OUTBOUND: 14th July LDN - LIS 06:50 - 09:40 Ryan Air 
INBOUND: 19th July LIS - MAN 14:20 - 17:05 Ryan Air

OUTBOUND: 14th July MAN - LIS 10:35 - 13:30 Easy Jet 

INBOUND: 19th July LIS - MAN 15:45 - 18:30 Easy Jet 

You may choose to arrive a day early & stay in Lisbon.




We can also connect you to one another if you'd like a travel companion.

We will connect you in whats app group to all the other wild women coming on this incredible retreat so that we can share more details and you get to meet. 





Most people don't think about the need for insurance when travelling especially within the UK but the unexpected can always happen and if you need to cancel your visit to us you could lose your deposit or even the full cost of the retreat. Therefore it is strongly advised all our guests to arrange Personal Accident and Travel/Cancellation Insurance when booking onto one of our retreats and recommend you take time to research a company that suits you personally.


Booking information:

The retreat cost includes the retreat fee, accommodation and all meals during your stay. Travel to the retreat is not included in the price.


Payment Policy:

A non-refundable deposit is required for each retreat.

This deposit is taken upon booking the retreat, spaces are NOT confirmed without deposit payment. Remaining balance being due 4 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. If the retreat is booked less than 4 weeks in advance the deposit facility will not be available and the full amount will need to be paid when booking.

Failure to pay the balance on the set due date will mean your place IS NOT secured and will be offered to a waiting list.


Refund Policy:

If you decide to cancel the retreat after paying the deposit, this deposit can not be transferred to another retreat or another person. If you have made full payment no refund will be given. We strongly advise you to take out your own insurance.


Unexpected Circumstances that are out ofThe wild women control .

Wild Women is not liable under the circumstances of Natural Disaster, War, Pandemic, Failure by the venue or other situation that is out of Wild Women control. Wild Women will do his best to sort alternative arrangements depending on the scale of the situation.


Cancellation Policy:

All information included in our website and publicity is correct at the time of going to press, but may be subject to change. Whilst we do not anticipate changes to the advertised retreat dates, we may have to cancel or postpone retreats at our discretion.



Wild Women shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or any other damages.



We reserve the right to ask participants to leave the retreat if their behaviour is disruptive to the running of the retreat or to the other participants and staff. If you withdraw from the retreat at any time or if you are requested to leave due to disruptive behaviour, no part of the retreat fee shall be refunded. In the case of our staff's decision to ask you to leave, all matters arising from a dispute are subject to English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.



Wild Women does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or condition either physical or mental. Retreat offerings should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. Our programmes are provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes. Any information, instruction or advice given is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. You should not discontinue or modify any medication and/or treatment presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.

Wild Women does not accept any liability for participants' medical or psychiatric conditions which may exist or which may arise during or subsequent to participation in one of our retreats.

Always consult your healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle or prescription drugs.

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