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Wild Women Sound Healing


We will bring you a musical, magical & majestical event of
sound vibrational medicine.

Marble Floor


This is an event open to gods & goddesses to come together in complete relaxation where you will be led by the wild trinity channeled through Lisa, Joanna & Paulina.

Wild Women Sound Healing


For thousands of years, sound has been used as a form of therapy. Ancient Greeks used music to cure mental disorders, and Shamans channel sounds and use instruments to journey outside of the confines of the 3 dimensional world to a deeper understanding and spiritual connection.

The human body is around 75% water, and water is a conductor for sound vibration - when vibrations travel through the body, they assist circulation,

energy flow and rejuvenation.


The frequency of sound synchronises with certain brain waves and activates a de-stress response.


Sound can shift frequencies from low energy such as guilt and fear to higher vibrations of love and joy. Sound healing is the use of sacred instruments or voice to release energetic
blockages inducing a state of ease and harmony in the body.

We will call upon the playful maiden, the nuturing mother and the wise crone, which will emanate through the soundscape, awakening all your senses, taking you on a beautiful journey and bringing a huge sense of deep relaxation and release, enabling you to enter a deep theta-like state as Lisa,

Joanna and Paulina capture the true essence of the magic of sound vibration.

This is a 2 hours event of pure relaxation and meditative bliss and you will feel cocooned in your own sensual senses. Your body mind and soul will come together in balance and understanding, a place that we very rarely get to experience as we step out of the busy fast paced world.



Lisa, Joanna & Paulina work intuitively, magically and harmoniously. They feel into the energy of the room as the sound-scapes are channelled and birthed through something beyond the 3D realms.  

With the cauldron concoction of Lisa's incredible ability as a DJ, Paulina's angelic healing & Joanna's connection to the body, each goddess brings and blends uniquely creating a sound healing afternoon like nothing else you have
experienced before.


The 3 goddesses work with drums, the voice, crystal bowls, live music and tuning forks - and so much more.


So come and surrender into the womb-like journey - as you feel held, supported and able to completely surrender into the vibration medicine of sound.

The location has been carefully chosen to suit the afternoon of relaxation - a place of serenity and calm, so that the the minute you step into the room you will feel completely nurtured and nourished.


To sign up or to find out when our next Wild Trinity Sound Healing Event is then head over to our Upcoming Event page.

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